Im a normal, 15 year old.

A while ago, I was also a normal 15 year old. Nice parents, nice upbringing, little reclusive on the socialism side but I made my way around.

A while ago, I got expelled.

I attacked the man who made my life a living hell for a year. Did I mention he made my life a living hell for an entire year?

Well, it doesn matter now.

He passed out before the raging sea that was my anger calmed its ongoing torrents.

How did I win? Had I been training martial arts for years? Found a magic wand? Well, no would be a fitting answer.

I had won with cowardice and a slight advantage. I only needed one snappy look at his gaughing face to smash a brass knuckle into his face. The impact hurt my knuckles yet the adrenaline of the moment washed over the pain. I swiftly pulled the silver knife from my back pocket and moved it from left to right. The awkward tug as it travelled in that one simple motion was unnoticed as my brass knuckle met his face in a touching reunion for the around 13th time.

My brass knuckle, now washed red was all I could see before I felt my arms being pulled back by two blue clothed men. The surroundings finally lost their hazy mirage and I could see every twitching muscle in the crowd of wary students.

He had passed out long before I had clocked in.

I didn even have a plan. Just pure anger and momentum guiding me. I made sure to knock his tooth out first. He had a silly golden tooth. I could see it. It was all I could see infact from my position on the floor and his by the wall.

And now his golden tooth was all I could see within the bloody mess on the floor.

Funnily enough, we were by a wall.

All I could remember was the greasy texture and the pulling sensation as I lifted him by the hair and clocked him with another brass knuckle impact.

So where am I now?

In some cell? Already on the Electric Chair? Back for Round two?

Im by the side of a road. The cars ignore the blatantly obvious criminal infront of them as the drivers keep their sunken eyes loosely locked on the traffic colours. I sat on the bench without emotion. Any Emotion now would be pointless.

If I hadn ran after a sucker punch maybe I wouldn be sitting here as sullenly.

I did think of a new life. Making a fancy resume, getting some formal attire.

Stealing on top of assault doesn sound terrible?

But now Im stuck.

I can go anywhere wearing this attire.

I looked down at my orange tracksuit and the numerous numbers that I had never cared to remember.

Yeah. I can go anywhere wearing this attire.

I heard the faint sound of sirens around the block, no flashing lights yet.


It was quite the irony that the suns luminous rays seemed now so limpid and shrewd. Perhaps an evening rain would fit the situation better?

The almighty sun tediously burned my back, its gaze leaving a faint sensation even after I moved to the other side of the bench.

I could only sit with fingers crossed. The sirens had gotten less faint and more direct. Glimpses of blue and red could be seen from around the corner. The blaring sun made many passerbys turn heads yet it was odd that they didn look at the man by the bench in a prisoner outfit instead.

One particular man even stood infront of me, to catch a solid glance at this potential police chase. His tiptoeing shadow danced on the sunshone floor as he squinted his eyes.

I want to live differantly.

An odd thing to come from a person who shipwrecked his own life yet every human should probably be unable to contain this peeking thought.

As I said, I am-, was a normal person.

Apart from the bullying I was a normal person.

An only child, with loving parents.

Till HighSchool I remained within a small friend group, A small friend group that dispersed upon my unplanned situation yet I couldn blame them.

It was raining. And there were clouds. And with the clouds came shadows.

I can remember more than a vague impression.

I sat on the bench looking at the distant clouds. The incoming rain. The world infront of me.

A Boy around half my size came forward. Offering a napkin for my dried tears. I looked away in shame. The sogged part of my collared shirt was still revealed.

”A-are you okay? ”

I don know why. But I was angry. Not at him, but at my surroundings. And it just so happened that he was the surroundings that day.


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