The Devil’s LilyA forbidden love

Chapter Are You?

Twenty years ago

[Earth Realm]


His gaze was fixed strictly only on her, oblivious of his surroundings that weren safe because of Micheal who wanted her dead by all chance.

He didn know she did it,she was nothing but a baby.But the moment he heard her smile,and her brown eyes settled on his own…he felt it.

His mark.

It burned against his skin,just like it had done on his twenty birthday which left him wallowing in excruciating pain.

Up till date, since his birth, even the great seer Seth couldn be able to tell the tale behind the mark,and that was one reason why everyone had grown in fear because of not knowing what he was.

He had lived with the will to finding the truth behind his birth,and what the mark set out to be after he was castrated to hell, with his grandfather condemning him to be nothing but a curse.

They called him the wager who would bring peace between the two worlds,but was that possible considering what he is?

He was nothing but a cursed prince,just like his father,he was nothing but the harbinger of death so what does the prophecy have to do with someone like him?

But right now, watching this child right in front of him made him much more eager to protect this human,which questioned his curiosity on what sort of creature she is and why she carries the same mark as him.

His attention was brought back when he didn hear Micheals voice any longer,if anything he doubted if he had left,but that would not be possible considering that the babys giggles were heard.

But Damon was wary of what sort of being his uncle was,unlike what people thought of him and how highly favored he is in crystal palace,he still wasn pure.

If anything…hes the definition of a born calamity,an angel shouldn take the life of an innocent human being.

That alone was staining the image of what they were portrayed to be,saints but his uncle was much more vile than any demon right now,because the sudden cry that escaped the childs lip made it known to Damon that he had found them.

But it was too late for him to figure out where exactly he was. Inside the inn they were hiding,A strong gush of wind rolled him and the baby out,as he landed on the floor which made the child fall from his hand.

”Noo!! ”Damon shouted,as he watched the little child nearly hit the floor,but the sudden stop in time announced Azriels arrival.

The little girl was frozen,while Micheal and Damon looked at Azriel who appeared out of the blues helping his twin brother up.

”Where the hell is father?Damon asked, facing Micheal this time around but he was stuck in time just like the little girl.He was assured of the little girls safety because of his brother.

”You wouldn believe how **ed up shit is up there since after that baby came into the world ”Azriel said, pinning Damons interest in the baby on another level.

”Dad wants her dead too, likewise everyone ”He added,as Damon stopped for a bit to look at his brother to check if he was killing the little girl,or if he was in this together with him.

”What do you mean by that, Azriel?He clearly told me to bring her alone to him at all cost… ”

Damon was quite sure that there was something wrong somewhere,and it had to involve his father seeing as he had changed his mind too about the baby.

But he won let that happen,he can let anyone take the girl away from him.Neither would he allow his brother too, regardless of their relationship.

”We have to leave right now before his men arrive,word has it that Father was working with Uriel and will likely be tagged a traitor,so we have to get rid of this ba.. ”

”I can let you kill the child Azriel,nor anyone because she has my soul living within her ”Damon confessed,as Azriels grabbed him by the collar to face him.

”What have you done Damon? Hes going to kill you, ”Azriel said, referring to their grandfather who was likely busy summoning the grand circle,and the twelve elders of crystal palace.

”Shes just like me Azriel,She had the same mark i had so you can understand why i had to do what i did,she can die ”

”But you will be long dead even before you find out what she is,Shes cursed Damon.. ”Azriel pushed him aside, running his hands through his head frustratingly.

”And Micheal would be breaking free soon ”Damon reminded him, ”So we have to leave right now ”.

”We can bring her along,In as much as you aren scared of grandfathers wrath.Im not like you,I won be able to live for a minute standing in front of him,so take back your life force within her and stop this madness, before it stops you Damon ”

Damon had always been obsessed about finding out what the mark he carried meant, and why he had to be someone special who their grandfather would need, when the time comes to settle peace among the two worlds.

But right now, things were complicated as it was in the immortal realm,and his brother going crazy and adding more fuel to the fire, by letting everyone know he just shared his life force with a human might be death calling his name.

Damon was not scared to die,not when hes death himself after their father but he was signing his soul off by what he just did.

”I don think you realize what it is you have just done Damon.. ”

” Im more clear-headed and sure of what i want,so hand the child over to me ”Damon insisted,he had never been more sure of what he wanted all his life,until tonight.

”You just binded your soul to a human idiot! Thats making her your mate and a repetition of what Uriel did, have you gone insane Damon? ”

”Thanks for clarifying me on that, hand her over. I don want to hurt you brother ”Damon told him truthfully,he would never hurt his twin for any reason but Azriel was giving him a reason to do that and he won hold back.

”I see this is the part you have chosen ”Azriel moved back, drawing his sword out as the sudden gush of wind got harsher against them.

It was only a matter of time, until Micheal breaks free from the hold on him,and kill the both of them.But Azriel had gone crazy.

”I might as well do the favor of ending this madness ”He said lastly,and just before Damons very eyes, he pulled up to kill the child, but his sword was stopped by Damons.

Has he not gone mad?

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