They Live Among Us

Chapter 1: The Beginning

On one normal day like the others something strange happens. All screens suddenly get interrupted by a voice saying ”hello humans welcome to your end. Give up this so called planet of yours peacefully or else… ”. Everything went back to normal but people didn go back to normal. It became a place of chaos since everyone was freaked out and the thought of them about to die even scared them more. Some of them even started rioting and asking their presidents to say something. We are introduced to the main character Daniel Watson. He is a director at NASA and seems equally stressed out and frustrated as others. But doesn say anything. His workers in the room are all waiting for him to tell them what to do. One of the workers asks him ”sir…what should we do now ” he said ”I…really don know Steph…I really don ” he sat down and started thinking then he said ”well…why don you try tracking the source of the sound signals because you never know this maybe a hacker trying to scare people ” they all looked at each other confused and then Steph told him ”sir we are not a cyber agency or something and also this can be a hacker there is no one in the world who can hack all the electronic devices in the world ” then he replied ”then theres nothing we can do Stephanie… I give up ”.

At the white house, the president is in a meeting with the vice president and his two personal advisors. He is looking frustrated because of the pressure the people are putting on him. His main personal advisor tells him ”Mr. president, maybe this is some kind of hacker trying to scare people… ” the president interrupts him and says ”no one can hack all electronic devices its impossible ” the vice president told him ”well if this is serious, we are gonna have to be prepared for whats coming. First Mr. president, you are gonna arrange a meeting with the secretary of the defense department. You are going to tell the people to volunteer for the service of the army because we are gonna need a lot of soldiers. ” the president says ”good idea. Okay meeting dismissed ” they get out of his office and the president calls the secretary of the defense department and tells him ”I need you urgent at the white house ” ”yes sir be there in thirty ”.

We are shown a man in a car. Its Daniel and hes going home. He reaches his home which turns out to be a duplex. He gets out of his car and enters. His wife and kids but his wife asks him ”why are you home early ” he replies ”well I couldn think of another place to go ” she says ”Danny, Im getting worried for whats coming Im worried about our family ” he replies ”don worry honey Im sure everythings gonna be fine ”.

Back at the white house, the president steps in front of his podium and says this ”ladies and gentlemen, good afternoon. Earlier today something strange happened. It was so strange that the whole world heard it. This is predicted to be extra terrestrials and they want to colonize our planet. This might be our worst nightmare and I think we must choose war because I am sure no one wishes to be taken over and get harsh rules barked at them and take away their independence. That is why we choose war but we need a lot more soldiers . That is why we need people to volunteer for the service and fight for their independence. So please volunteer for the service of the army and we are going to win this war ” then a journalist asks him ”Mr. president, you
e saying that there has to be as many soldiers as possible but can this give a problem of shortage of weapons and supplies for the soldiers in the time of war ” then he replied ”if the whole world is united, then that isn gonna be a problem. Thank you very much. ” he walks away.

The next day, recruitment centers were full of people going to volunteer for the army. Back to Daniels home, he is in a meeting with his family ”so as you can see, we are in desperate times and they call for desperate measures. That is why Ive decided to join the army and help save the world… ” his wife interrupts him ”no Danny no. You can do that please tell me you
e kidding please ” then one of his kids tells him ”dad we don wanna lose you ” then Danny said ”you won lose me okay. I have to protect you and you are my priority. You just have to have some hope and I promise Ill come back home. But just in case of them coming here you will hide in the secret basement. ” He takes them and shows them the code. ”The secret code is 1245. The room has the supplies you will need for a long time. ”

Meanwhile, a meeting is taking place between the G7 countries and the presidents of those countries all agree to contribute their army and encourage their people to volunteer for the service. Whats left is to ask other countries to contribute their army and also ask their people to volunteer for the service. We are shown Daniels car and the whole family is in it. Melanie is driving the car and looks to be shedding tears and they are all silent. They reach a recruitment center and the family says their emotional goodbyes and Daniel tearfully enters the recruitment center and the family drives off.

Other countries are seemingly agreeing to contribute their armies and also ask their people to volunteer. Meanwhile influencers on social media are also playing their part and asking their followers to join the army and some even join in order to convince many people. On the other hand an international radio station is being constructed underground somewhere in order to use it to alert people and communicate with them secretly in the time of war. And also spaceX is creating a protective gear for soldiers and there has to be as many as possible. Countries with big weapon industries are making as many as possible. Some countries have even started enrolling new soldiers.

One week later, a worker at NASA discovers something. Their satellites had discovered something unusual in a Russian forest. ”Holy shit. What in the actual ** is this. ” other workers look at him with confused and one of them asks him ”what happened? ” then he showed them what he had seen and displays it on the big screen. Then other workers look worried now and they tell it to their director who has just entered the room and he also looks surprised and also confused and directly reports to the presidents office. His assistant bring the news to him and he immediately calls that director for a meeting at the white house. After two hours he arrives and is led to the presidents office. He enters. ”Good afternoon Mr. Rodger take a sit ” said the president. He sat down and showed the president those satellite photographs. The president looks at them and says ”have you checked the past photographs of that area? ” ”yes ” Rodger replied ”and there was nothing of such sort at the time ” ”well that is strange. Something has to be done real quick. Well Mr. Rodger thanks for the information and immediately report if you see something strange. And thank you for your time ”. ”you
e welcome Mr. president. ” he walks out of the office.

The president calls his army commander General Dawson and also arranges a meeting with him. Meanwhile at the barracks where Daniel is at they are in their training. Daniel has also been enrolled in the army and has started training. After training and after hitting the shower and getting ready for dinner, he meets another soldier who looks to be in his 20s. Daniel starts a conversation with him. ”Hey there young man ” ”what do you want? ” said the soldier ”who do you think I am? a serial killer? you don have to be rude ”. The guy looks at him and says ”well… do you wanna make friends with me? don . I ain a good friend ” ”why did you join the army ” asked Daniel ”am sure thats non of you dumb **in business ” and he walked away. Daniel sighs and shrugs.

Back at the white house, the commander just arrived and enters the office and sits down. The president starts the conversation by showing him those photographs. ”Look at these and tell me what you think that is ” the commander looks at the and starts scratching in his beard and then he says ”well this looks weird to me. Ive never seen anything like this before ” ” we have to find a way to find out and fast ” said the president. The commander started thinking and he came up with something ”how about we send some of your best men to check that out ” said the commander but the president told him ”you understand that we could be handing them to death ” ”thats the only way we can spy on that place secretly. Because there is no **in way we are sending drones or jets that is more dangerous ” said commander Dawson. ”Ok go and look for five best men and assign them. You are going to be their leader. Make sure this works out and don **in fail me you understand ” said the president. ”Thank you sir I won let you down. ” he walks out of the office and out of the white house he goes. He starts his car and drives away.

At the barracks, Daniel happens to run into the same guy from earlier. He tells him ”you really should tell me your name ” ”its Malcolm Morrison. Now leave me alone ” said Malcolm. Daniel sighs. On the other hand, Daniels wife Melanie is renovating the secret basement and making it suitable for her and her teenage children while at the childrens high school, they are saying their last goodbyes and reminiscing their best memories at school. The reason for the sudden closing of schools is because of what is expected to happen and the government made the decision. Meanwhile the commander has gathered the five best men and is consulting them on the matter and telling them the plan ”as you know fellas, we are expecting a war and the following mission is gonna be your best and maybe your last. That means you have to do it well. ” he turns on a projector showing Russia on a map and the satellite photo

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